Chuan Leekpai

ชวน หลีกภัย
Chuan Leekpai
Two-time Prime Minister of Thailand (the 20th and 23rd)
Place of Birth: Trang
Date of Birth: Thu, 28-Jul-1938
Family Background: Born to Mr. Niyom and Mrs. Tuan Leekpai, a half-Chinese family.
  • Secondary: Wat Amarintraram, Bangkok
  • Bachelor in Laws, Thammasat University, Bangkok
  • 1969: Elected Member of the Parliament, his first term
  • 1975: Minister of Justice
  • 1976: Minister attached to Office of the Prime Minister
  • 1981: Minister of Commerce
  • 1982: Minister of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives
  • 1988: Minister of Public Health</li><li>1989: Deputy Prime Minister
  • 1991: Democrat Party Leader
  • 1992-95: Prime Minister (first term)
  • 1997-2001: Prime Minister (second term)
  • 2019 Speaker of the House of Representatives
Marital Status: A son, Surabot Leekpai, with Pakdiporn Sujaritkul, his common-law wife
Located in: Politician
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